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Prop 19 idealism. Would you like to share?

Prop 19 idealism. Would you like to share?

How do you feel about Proposition 19? I personally fully support it due to the copious resulting benefits pertinent to the economy and the fact it’s simply a small step closer toward full legalization. In the end, I’ll remain high whether it’s illegal or not; but I simply don’t condone the common negative view influenced by propaganda. I think Californians should really ruminate over the outcome of their actions. Would you like to help California and possibly inhibit the sales of the dangerous available “drug” known as alcohol and bring substantial income toward education or do nothing at all for Cali? I feel that if cannabis is available, alcohol distribution will perish and as a driver I would certainly aspire that. It’s evident that cannabinoid intoxication is far safer as a recreational substance. Let’s look beyond the bullshit shall we? How do you feel? Please convey your perspective! Especially if you live in California.

Note: Please no replies from greedy growers defending their medical marijuana position.

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