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Prop 19 to legalize marijuana?

Prop 19 to legalize marijuana?

Would you vote to legalize marijuana? This is to those people who say the FED’s wouldnt alow it.
There simply are not enough federal authorities to enforce their own federal laws if California were to pass proposition 19. This is the most populous state in the nation and is the number 1 producer of marijuana for the entire country. If the federal government had the ability to clamp down on marijuana production in California they would have done it already, but they haven’t because they don’t have the man power to do so and passage of prop 19 would make their job even more impossible to enforce federal laws.

The federal government would have no choice but to revise their own laws in response to proposition 19 to allow California an exemption, otherwise millions of tax dollars would go to waste fighting an impossible battle.
Millions more*
21 + Just like alcohol. Have you been to California, there’s weed in every street corner everywhere. Mexicans have flooded the country with bud.
Have flooded the state*
Have flooded the state*

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