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Protect your baby ? Use Organic Clothes

Protect your baby ? Use Organic Clothes

Every parent wants to ensure that everything that surrounds their baby is conducive to the baby’s well being. A baby’s immune system is underdeveloped, and hence he/she is more susceptible to diseases and other problems such as allergies. People are gradually waking up to the hazards that the chemicals and toxins can cause. Regular clothing has large amounts of these chemicals. Often the baby clothes are treated to be stain retardant or are treated with heavy metals or chemicals in order to give the fabric a better finish.

These chemical residues in the fabric can lead to allergic reactions, asthma and cancers. Often enough these are also the cause of skin problem, irritation in eyes, throat and nose as the baby is sensitive and can easily get irritated by the chemicals present in the clothes. One of the commonly used chemical, Formaldehyde is often used to give the fabric a good finish. It is known to be carcinogenic is neurotoxin.

When a new baby comes in a house, special care is taken to ensure the best hygiene standards for him or her. All of the baby’s new clothing is washed in non-allergenic detergents in order to remove any chemical residues which could cause irritation to the baby’s skin. But still there some residues of the chemicals may remain in the clothes that have been made from traditional crops and manufactured fibers. So what do you do?

There is one simple answer: Ensure that you purchase guaranteed organic baby clothing for your baby. The organic clothes are those that are made using natural fibers, which have been grown organically, i.e. without using any chemicals. Some of these organic fibers are organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, jute and linen. No chemicals or artificial fertilizers are employed in organic farming, nor are any pesticides or herbicides used.

The procedure of making the organic clothes involves weaving fibers into the cloth without use of chemicals or bleaches. All the colors that are used for dyeing are obtained from natural vegetable dyes. The organic farming is closely legislated and overseen in order to ensure that the mandatory guidelines are followed. Similarly the organic clothes manufacturing industry is also kept under supervision.

By exclusively using organic clothing for your little baby, you are postponing their exposure to the harmful chemicals which are otherwise present all around them. And even though the cost of the organic baby clothing is more, yet the burden on your pocket will lose its relevance as you begin to appreciate the amazing benefits of organic fabrics. Also make sure that your family and friends know about your decision to use only organic baby clothing for your newborn, so that the baby can be protected from any avoidable illnesses.

Organic baby clothes are available from Bamboo Baby who sell both retail and wholesale baby clothes online.

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