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rate and fix my yugioh burn deck =)?

rate and fix my yugioh burn deck =)?

well…this is just my first burn deck…so i havent ordered the cards yet but just tell me if its good and i should order them or tell me which to take out and put in and stuff, it kinda revolves around fire princess…but there are ALOT of cards in there

Fire princess burn deck
3x fire princess
3x Marie the fallen one
3x giant germ
2x solar flare dragon
1x marshmallon
1x spirit reaper
1x white magician pikeru
2x stealth bird
1x total defence shogun
1x balloon lizard
2x poison mummy
3x needle worm

2x messenger of peace
1x swords of revealing light
1x pot of avarice
1x mystical space typhoon
1x book of moon
1x book of eclipse
2x smashing ground or hammer shot
2x wave motion cannon
1x level limit area b
3x mist body
3x poison of the old man
1x metal silver armour

3x solemn wishes
1x coffin seller
1x gravity bind
2x scrap iron scarecrow
1x just desserts
1x minor goblin official

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