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Rate fix my Girls deck!?

Rate fix my Girls deck!?

so my girl recently got in to Yu-Gi-Oh, and made a deck with one of my friends, it realy dosnt have a base theme, but it focus’s around preventing the opponent from attacking, gaining a SHIT load of LP, and it does a bunch of LP damage to the opponent(burn deck sort of)

she asked me to get some feedback for her so here is the deck list, thanks and be kind! LOL

this deck is not build for a tournament, so dont mention that the deck has a shit load of banned/limited cards.

cure mermaid
des koala
gyroid X2
wall of illusion
princess of tsurgi X2
neo spacian air hummingbird X2
penguin soldier
stealth bird
skull mark ladybug
sonic chick
spirit reaper
dupe frog
golden ladybug X3

ookazi X3
dian keto the cure master X3
kaiser colosseum X3
toll X3
pot of greed X2
wave motion cannon X2
poison of the old man X2
dark room of nightmare X2
dark hole
the dark door
level limit area b

gravity bind X3
cemetery bomb X2
just desserts X2
coffin seller
torrential tribute
the whole point of the deck is to stall, and gain a shit load of lp, so that the opponent will either deck out eventually or be burned enough to lose

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