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Rate my Yu Gi Oh deck?

Rate my Yu Gi Oh deck?

I found my old Yu Gi Oh deck from a few years ago, I’m wondering how my deck was/is. Here’s what I got:
1x Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts
1x Alpha the Magnet Warrior
1x Vorse Raider
1x Robotic Knight
1x Beta the Magnet Warrior
1x Alpha the Magnet Warrior
3x Blue Eyes White Dragon
1x Curse of Dragon
2x Dark Magician
1x Summoned Skull
1x Red Eyes Black Dragon
1x Gaia the Fierce Knight
1x Kaiser Sea Horse
1x Spear Dragon
1x Drillago
1x Big Shied Gardna
1x Blade Knight
1x Parasite Paracide
1x Lord of Dragons
1x Kuriboh
1x Jinzo
1x Buster Blader
1x Valkyrion the Magna Warrior
1x Lava Golem
1x Copycat
1x Goblin Attack Force
1x Abnoxious Celtic Guardian

1x Horn of the Unicorn
1x Spell Reproduction
1x Black Luster Ritual
2x Polymorization
1x Monster Reborn
1x Diffusion
1x Black Magic Ritual
1x Change of Heart
1x Pot of Greed
1x Nightmare’s Steelcage
1x Swords of Revealing Light
1x The Flute of Summoning Dragon
1x Harpie’s Feather Duster
1x Dark Magic Curtain
1x Magic Cylinder
1x Negate Attack
2x Mirror Force
1x Drop Off
1x Sakuretsu Armor
1x Shadow Spell
1x Raigeki Break
1x Magical Arm Shield
1x Spellbinding Circle
1x Michizure
1x Coffin Seller
1x Widespread Ruin
1x Malovent Catastrophe
1x Nutrient Z
1x Magician of Black Chaos
1x Black Luster Soldier
Exodia Set
God Cards

Which cards should I remove?
Oh a correction, I have 3x Polymorization

Black Skull Dragon
Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon
Dark Paladin

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