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Rate my Yugioh Deck 1-10 (olds cards)?

Rate my Yugioh Deck 1-10 (olds cards)?

Okay heres my deck, rate it 1-10 and tell me how i could improve it.

1x wall of illusion
1x mad sword beast
1x sangan
1x don zaloog
1x MEB
2x Swarm of scarabs
1x dream clown
2x peten the dark clown
1x mystic tomato
1x krebons
1x destiny hero-doom lord
1x ryu-kishin clown
1x mysterious guard
1x maha vailo
2x white magical hat
1x gravekeepers guard

1x axe of despair
1x heart of clear water
3x malevolent nuzzler
2x fissure
1x vengeful bog spirit
1x nobleman of crossout
1x snatch steal
1x pot of avarice
1x mystical space typhoon
1x swords of revealing light

1x mask of weakness
1x coffin seller
1x shift
1x non aggresion area
1x sakuretsu armor
1x spell shield type-8
1x robbin goblin
1x seven tools of the bandit

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