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rate my yugioh deck please?

rate my yugioh deck please?

mechanicalchaser x1
drillroid x1
gear golem the moving fortress x2
golem sentry x1
insect knight x2
sangan x1
heavy mech support platform x2
indomitable fighter lei lei x1
the trojan horse x1
magician of faith x1
dark ruler ha des x1
ancient gear engineer x1
ancient gear beast x1
ancient gear golem x1

hammer shot x1
axe of despair x1
mystilcal space typoon x1
ancient gear tank x2
fissure x1
ancient gear castle x1
ancient gear workshop x1
premature burial x1
enemy controller x1
heavy storm x1
pot of avarice x1
nobleman of crossout x1
swords of revealing light x1

sakuretsu armor x2
torrential tribute x1
compulsory evacuation device x1
magic cylinder x1
ultimate offering x1
energy drain x1
rare metalmorph x1
trap hole x1
coffin seller x1
dust tornado x1
shadow spell x1

tell me if i need to add anything thanx

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