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rate the yugioh deck that i intend on making?

rate the yugioh deck that i intend on making?

aicient gear gajiltron dragon
aicient gear gajiltron chimera
boot-up soldier – dread dynamo
green gadget
red gadget
yellow gadjet
gear golem the moving fortress
aicient gear golem
exxod, master of the guard
great spirit
giant rat
guardian sphinx
stone statue of the aztecs
golem sentry
moi interseptor cannons
megarock dragon
guardian statue
medusa worm
launcher spider
sphinx teleia
andro sphinx
siesmic crasher
manticore of darkness
theinen the great sphinx
mine golem
dummy golem
destroyer golem
rock ogre grotto #1
royal keeper
mucus yolk
tribe infecting virus
homunculus the alchemetic being
alpha the magnet worrior
beta the magnet worrior
gamma the magnet warrior
valkyrion the magna warrior

stronghold the moving fortress
ultamite offering
ordeal of a traveler
piramid of light
compulsory evacuation device
a hero emerges
dna transplant
dna sergery
spirit barrier
coffin seller
curse of darkness
curse of anubis
judgement of anubis
wall of reavealing light

brain control
premature barial
magical mallet
shifting shadows
pot of avarice
mousoleum of the emporor

this is not the finished product, i will still be adding more cards but please tell me what you think!!!

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