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Ritual Marijuana and Modern Times

Ritual Marijuana and Modern Times

One of the wings in the marijuana controversy supports their claims credentials in the fact that Sativa seeds are found in history since ancient times and most of the consecration rituals in many cultures associated the world over. In India, cannabis seeds have religious significance and there is evidence that marijuana has been cited in many of the original sacred texts. The Scythians of Indica seeds and leaves on hot stones, a steam room, the smoke used was to purify the novice priests produce. In Thebes, marijuana was used to a drink, the effects were similar to those used to produce opium, and hemp seed appears as a religious element in many Egyptian papyri. During the Middle Ages, Asian rewards criminals with their fellow men marijuana seeds cannabis, and it is said that the origin of the word Assassin fighter is a murderer. The ritual of the effect of cannabis seeds in concentrated tetrahydrocannabinol (TCH) content of the plant and its resin, flowers and leaves are located. Although marijuana is classified as a hallucinogenic plant, there are very few active substances in the roots, stems and seeds of the plant, despite its diversity, so these are parts of the plant in its pure state, are not toxic or poisoning, like other hallucinogens. The active ingredients of marijuana plants are really drugs, but none of them are directly responsible for the addiction or dependency as opposed to opium and its derivatives. In the New World, marijuana seeds were part of the magical-religious rituals of the Native American and Central American tribes. But in modern times was only legal marijuana for a short time in the early 20 Century after the Harrison Narcotics Tax Act, Federal Law, regulated and taxed the production, importation and distribution of opium and coca leaves in the United States. Such an act allowing the registration of a substance as a narcotic, so it is legal for the production and consumption of marijuana was. The action by New York Representative Francis Burton Harrison was proposed on 17 Approved in December 1914, but in 1925 Justice McReynolds ruled that the federal government no power to prescribe in medical practice to the pursuit of the doctor that drugs to addicts, that marijuana use was legal regulate banned in 1937. Cannabis acts directly on the hypothalamus, promoting the secretion of hormones of the pituitary gland, which controls the appetite. Marijuana produced cause a range of physical sensations, partial loss of the time concept of relaxation and rest, followed. Prolonged use promotes disinhibition with a slight increase in libido, that at a time, do not worry sensation decreases. Marijuana is smoked more frequently and with their consequences, the mood of a person changes together with its expectations and produces a pleasant sensation of well-being and tranquility, simply evolve in sudden euphoria and laughter. Loquacity and temporary changes in perception contribute to disinhibition and sensory impairments, which continues in a second phase, increased appetite, depression, drowsiness, and if the person does not stop with her.

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