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Selling Marijuana – Is It A Good Business Idea?

Selling Marijuana – Is It A Good Business Idea?

In the United States we have the war in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq, the war against terrorism. The purpose of these wars is to accomplish freedom, national defense and security. But we also have the war on drugs. I’m not sure that is a great benefit from the drug war. In fact it may even be a waste of time. We used to have prohibition against the use and consumption of alcohol. Now it’s legal in most places in the United States. In one of the three Conversations With God books by Neale Donald Walsch, there is a discussion about morality and legality. Whether something is legal or not is a matter of time and space. A century ago, alcohol was illegal, but with the passage of time, it has become legal. Prostitution is illegal in most places, but in parts of Nevada it is legal.Why not legalize prostitution?In the Bible, the kings all had concubines. From my way of thinking, a concubine is just a live in prostitute. So why to the Bible thumpers think it is so wrong. Most governments, federal, state and local, all have financial problems. Why not legalize prostitution, tax them and regulate them. Avoid the illegal trafficking of young girls and teens. The government is good at rules and regulations. Have them apply for business licenses. Fight the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (stds) by requiring testing. Put them in jail if they don’t follow the rules. Not for just engaging in business. Get rid of abusive pimps. Tax the pimps too. Many people support laws and legislation that would tax legitimate hardworking business people who make a lot of money. While those deemed to be criminals (by current laws) and those engaging in shady practices benefit from tax free money.Why are we fighting drugs?The word on the street is that drugs are not controlled because people in high places are benefiting from drug trade. Not to mention all the athletes and celebrities who indulge in the practice. It’s a sign you’ve arrived – to have enough money to get whatever drugs you want. This strategy and perk of the rich did not work out well for Michael Jackson. They are going after his doctor. I believe that the doctor was not trying to kill Michael Jackson. He was just following orders and being reimbursed large sums of money for his services. It was also rumored that others declined to give Michael what he requested. Those with money to burn just move on to someone who will. Michael is the one who wanted to be wiped out every night. The doctor just gave him what he wanted. I know I’m dancing on the edge of the assisted suicide controversy. I don’t see a lot of difference in Michael’s case. And then there are the cigarette manufacturers. They are assisting a lot of people in committing a slow suicide.What’s wrong with smoking weed?Being over 50 and from the hippie, free love era, I know lots of people who smoked marijuana, affectionately called weed. I never did that nor cigarettes. It has been reported that 12 American presidents smoked weed, including the last 3: Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Whether they inhaled or not is beside the point, they smoked it. Most people matured and evolved past marijuana smoking, or so I thought. I’m hearing more and more about people in their 40s, 50s, and 60s who are back into smoking marijuana. It’s illegal, so I don’t allow people to do that in my house. But I doubt that pursuing marijuana smokers is a value added activity. It wastes time and resources that could be used to fight real crimes. And apart from that, marijuana has medical uses.Is supplying marijuana good business?”The Best Industries For Starting a Business Right Now” is an article / slide show with 16 business ideas. One of the business suggestions surprised me. They advocated becoming a marijuana supplier – for medical use of course. Almost a third of the states in the US have approved the use of marijuana for medical use. Someone or some enterprise has to supply it. So you baby boomers, people from the 1960s and younger marijuana devotees, who used to or do smoke and grow weed, marijuana may be an appealing business venture. Be successful and make money selling pot.



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