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should drugs like marijuana, salvia, shrooms, that show no true physical or mental harm, be illegal?

should drugs like marijuana, salvia, shrooms, that show no true physical or mental harm, be illegal?

i wrote a question asking whether salvia should be illegal or not, and got all the answers i figured i would get. the people that said no it should stay legal advocate for freedom and the “if it doesnt hurt anyone lets do it” mentality as do i. the ones that said yes relate it to other psychoactive drugs like acid and hardcore crack/meth, saying if we leave this legal we might as well make those legal. the only problem is.. where are the withdrawal effects of salvia that u get from trying to stop smoking crack or shooting heroin? there are none. i advocate for legalizing that which doesnt hurt people limiting it to a reasonable mary jane, salvia divinorum which is legal, and shrooms. what do u guys think?

everything has a bad rep but do your homework on this one id rather not any answers that are completely bias. and dont relate the drugs to the governments position on them please i already know what the government thinks. i know people think that by doing these drugs teens might wanna try other ones but if everyone knows their stats and info of withdrawal symptoms of the actual BAD drugs im sure teenagers and adults wouldnt.

maybe by keeping things illegal, the people who break the law to try shrooms, since it doesnt do anything but has penalties of a hardcore drug… they feel like theyre already risking their ass for one drug, why not heroine if the govt treats it as bad in its classification bullshit. we all know its NOT. ever think about that people?

should things that dont hurt people in any way be illegal?
yeah cite your sources… cause some fool tried stating a bunch of bs facts that made no sense. everything states was disproven here:


haters keep hating. open ur minds with ganj. maybe then you’ll be able to see past what you’ve been brainwashed to think.

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