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Should we accept marijuana based on the scientific facts?

Should we accept marijuana based on the scientific facts?

We all know that marijuana has a very negative connotation to it however in my contemporary ethics class (yes I’ve already started!) we discussed whether or not it should be legalized and whether or not it has negative affects. According to the research, there’s very little chemical and biological damage that occurs to the body. Really, the worst thing that happens is going to jail. Looking at the facts, I can’t help but feel that maybe it should be legalized.

When looking at the Netherlands, they have the most open attitudes towards marijuana but their teen population has the lowest usage. They seem to prefer a more realistic normative approach compared to the US.

I’m not trying to advocate drug use here, or am I saying that we should also legalize LSD, crack, etc because THOSE drugs really do have negative affects on the brain. However, seeing that marijuana really doesn’t, should it be legalized? shouldn’t parents relax more about it with their kids? What should we do?
Okay people keep in mind that alcohol is also used for people to escape reality, heroin is also used, cocaine is also used, etc. Pot is not the ONLY thing that is used out there. I am not just pulling wind out of my ass, I’ve looked at the scientific research.

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