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Signs and Symptoms of JWH018 (K2, Incensed Drug) Abuse

Signs and Symptoms of JWH018 (K2, Incensed Drug) Abuse

Reports of JWH018 and other incensed drug abuse cases are moderately low even though rampant selling of herbal smoke blends is evident in the market. This is mainly because lesser people are aware of the possible signs of abuse. Most weed users do not even complain any drug abuse effects from these kinds of substances. Thus, the suppose-to-be societal crisis becomes non-existent because nobody is paying attention to it. Common Signs of JWH018 Abuse Usually, those who abuse drugs or any substance do not admit that it causes a negative impact in their lives. If that is the case, it is vital for the surrounding families and friends to identify and understand the probable signs of abuse. Recognizing this following information about drug abuse helps in confronting the problem at hand. 1. Negligence of responsibilities whether in school, house or work due to drug use. 2. Occurrence of relationship problems with a partner, family members, employer, colleagues and even with friends. 3. Always running into legal troubles like robbery to sustain drug use, disorderly behavior and violence. 4. Noticeable demonstration of risk-taking behaviors such as driving when on drugs, unsafe sex and use of dirty paraphernalia. 5. Drug addiction or compulsively use of drugs despite the awareness of its dangers and risks. JWH018 Addiction Symptoms Although various substances give different kinds of effects, signs of addiction are all the same no matter what it is. Here are the usual addiction symptoms that manifests to during drug abuse. 1. Built up drug tolerance. The user increases the dosage of drugs to experience the same effect when drug is taken in small amounts. Due to frequent use, the body’s response to drug decreases. As a result, taking large doses is inevitable to achieve the desired experience. 2. Drug dependence. Through the course of time and increase in frequency of use, the body becomes dependent on the drug itself. Consequently, the user cannot function normally when there is no drug. Abruptly stopping the use of the drug may result to appearance of withdrawal symptoms. In the end, the user continues to abuse drugs to avoid the withdrawal syndrome. 3. Uncontrollable drug use. Simply means, the user do drugs quite often even more than he has planned. He cannot stop himself due to the urge of wanting more. 4. Obsession towards incensed drugs (K2, Spice, etc). The user tends to spend most of the time thinking about the drug, how to procure it, when to use it again, possible new ways to heighten the effects and such. It is more like the user’s life revolves around the drug only. 5. Lost of interest with usual favorite activities. This means abandoning the usual hobbies, interests, sports and activities. The user tends to detach himself from the society and stays lock up in his room or in a place where he usually use the drug. JWH018 (K2 and Incensed Drug) Abuse Effects All types of drugs including herbal smoke blends have one thing in common; they alter the brain’s function in controlling emotions, judgment, motivation, memory and learning. The best indicative factor in determining if they abuse drugs such as JWH018 is the manifestation of withdrawal symptoms. Reported drug abuse effects include: – Profuse sweating during the day and especially at night – Internal restlessness – Palpitations and increase blood pressure – Insomnia – Headache – Diarrhea – Nausea and vomiting – Tremors and in rare cases seizures – Anxiety and paranoia without reason – Manic episodes (hyperactivity, agitation) – Sudden emotional and personality changes – Feeling of depression and desperation. In reality, the most notable effect of drug abuse is actually denial. It is the most evident sign of abuse. The mind decreases its ability to rationalize due to the increase urge of using these herbal smoke blends. It maybe one of the main reasons why there are lesser reports of drug abuse cases. Users are not aware that they already addicted to it. The lack of awareness about drug abuse result to continues use of these legal incensed drugs.

This Article is written by Lena Butler

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