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Silver Crystal Jewellery – Use of Swarovski Crystal in Silver Jewellery

Silver Crystal Jewellery – Use of Swarovski Crystal in Silver Jewellery

Crystal possesses timeless beauty and it is the best material to use in jewelry as it is relatively inexpensive. Use of crystals depends on their types. If you are interested in designing your own jewelry, you should go for the raw items. Raw crystals without polish or shape can be altered as you desire. These are durable so you can use with any stuff. These items when used in silver jewellery give a dazzling look. Moreover these can be wrapped in pendants. These pendants give very beautiful and different look. Wire wrapping is very common, now-a-days, and you can use different wires for specific purpose. Different varieties of wires are available but you have to select the best wire of your choice to make your jewelry ideal. But it is very important to ensure that the wire you selected suits the other piece. You can use these pendants on different materials like hemp, gold or leather thong but crystal work in silver jewelry is most popular for its beauty.

To wrap crystal in silver, you have to make a base on it and this base is made by adjoining the wire on the crystal base and then tightening it. This base is then mounted on the jewelry item like pendant. Then twisting the wire in a loop few times makes it more secure. Sometimes the wrapping doesn’t fit the overall jewelry. In this case you should purchase end caps of jewellery from the jewelers. These caps can be glued on the top.

Beaded form of this jewelry is relatively expensive than the raw type. The use of any polished or worked crystal is more than raw type. Beaded jewellery is available in different shapes and sizes. The durability of this jewelry is the main reason of its popularity and it looks very nice when it is used in silver jewellery designs. Animals and flowers carved in crystals also give a great look.

The world’s most renowned crystal is Swarovski. Swarovski beads are very popular throughout the world as they are of good quality and come in different sizes, colors and shapes. It is available from diamond shape to round shape. This makes you to design your own jewelry rather than buying the ready made jewelry. When Swarovski is used in silver, it gives a unique shine. People are attracted towards this type of jewelry when used in silver and is often seen in wedding. It gives perfect look to your wedding dress.

There are many ways to include crystal jewellery in your decor. Silver is the choice that can’t be missed for any occasion especially for the wedding because silver jewellery is versatile and always in style. When used with crystal, it makes a great combination to wear.

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