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Smoked marijuana. Advice?

Smoked marijuana. Advice?

Last night I smoked weed for the first time in a month. I’m a little worried because I just found out this morning that my job orientation where I get UA’d might be sooner than I think.

I can count on my fingers the total times i’ve ever smoked, probably 5 times my whole life. I’m pretty skinny, i’ve been drinking a lot of water (Not to the point of toxicity), and I exercise everyday for at least 2 hours. It is the first time i’ve done it in a month (New Years Eve was the last time.). I smoked a mixture of marijuana (White Rhino I think it was called) and k2 Herbal Smoke. I maybe had a grand total of 5 hits from a pipe tops.

Now given that i’m skinny, drink lots of water, exercise for hours a day, didn’t do that much last night, hardly ever do it period, and abstaining from further use until I won’t be surprised with UA’s…..

How long till I can successfully pass a UA?
It’s definitely a urine test. Thank you 🙂

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