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So what do u guys think of my flame and water deck? yugioh?

So what do u guys think of my flame and water deck? yugioh?

here are the decks:

Flame Deck

Monsters: X3 solar flare dragon, X2 spirit of flames, X3 volcanic slicer, X2 Inferno, X3 Tenkabito shien, X3 Royal firestorm guards, X2 raging flame sprite, X2 the thing in the crater, X2 ultimate baseball kid, X2 UFO turtle, king pyron.

Magic: swords of revealing light, X2 tremendous fire, X2 dark room of nightmare, X2 salamandra, X2 molten destruction, X2 meteor of destruction.

Traps: X3 mask of Restrict, X2 magic drain, X2 backfires, X2 needle walls, coffin seller, magic cylinder, ultimate offering, draining shield, just desserts.

there’s the flame deck now here is the water deck:

My invincible water deck

Monsters: Mobius the Frost monarch, legendary fisherman, Deepsea warrior, Island turtle, cure mermaid, Yomi ship, maiden of the aqua, Penguin solider, X2 Amphibious bugroth mk- 3, X2 creeping doom manta, X2 gagagigo, Levia-Dragon-Daedalus, X3 mother Grizzly, Abyss solider, X2 mermaid knight, water dragon, X2 hydrogeddon, X2 oxygeddon.

Magic: Magic reflector, X3 a legendary ocean, X2 big wave small wave, different dimension capsule, final countdown, mage power, monster reborn, Terraforming, Bounding H2o, Pot of Avarice.

Trap: X2 magic Jammer, torrential tribute, Light of intervention, X2 tornado walls, michizure, mirror force, spirit barrier, astral barrier, ultimate offering.

so what do u guys think of them? do u like them? any suggestions? i’m going to make the flame deck first win a few tournaments and then build my water deck. So does anyone here live in michigan who plays yugioh and goes to legends sports and games? i know they have tournaments there but does anyone know how many people go to those tournaments? and does anyone know where i can find some regional action?

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