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Teach your Kids Healthy Eating Habits

Teach your Kids Healthy Eating Habits

Encouraging your kids to start eating healthy at a young age can help maintain their healthy lifestyle until adulthood. Healthy foods also strengthen your child’s immune system; so they don’t get sick easily. Introducing healthy foods to your kids’ diet may be difficult since kids often associate healthy foods with bad tasting foods. However, you can encourage them to practice healthy eating habits with the help of these tips.•    Eat meals together. Regular family meals boost your kids’ appetite, because you get to bond and share stories while eating. You can set a good example to your kids by eating healthy foods. Tell them about the benefits of healthy foods for their bodies: like eating nutritious foods will give them extra energy for their next baseball game. Studies also prove that kids who have regular family meals are less likely to drink alcohol, use marijuana or smoke cigarettes. •    Offer them a variety of healthy food choices. Feeding your kids healthy foods doesn’t mean that you will only offer them vegetables, because there are many healthy foods available such as oatmeal, fruits and fish. Serve your kids balanced meals everyday so they will have enough servings of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. It would also help if you display print posters of the food pyramid as your guide in preparing meals for your kids. •    Shop and prepare meals with your kids. Doing the grocery with your kids will help you find out their food preferences. Get recipe ideas from the foods that they like and give it a healthy twist. For instance, if your kids love tacos; replace the taco shells with pita bread to make the food healthier for them. You can also get your kids involved in preparing meals in the kitchen so you can teach them about nutrition. Plus, kids would enjoy eating healthy foods that they prepared themselves. •    Pack healthy snacks for school. Avoid packing your kids’ lunch boxes with sweets and junk foods just to get them to eat. Instead, prepare healthy sandwiches that they can enjoy. Research for delicious and healthy recipes for your kids on the internet or cook books so you can prepare different snacks for them every day. •    Do not force your kids to eat healthy. You should avoid battles over food, because this will only make your kids lose their appetite. Instead, use a more gentle approach in teaching them to eat healthy. For instance, you can use visuals to teach them about the healthy food groups. Put poster printing materials of healthy foods on their room wall to constantly remind them of the foods that are good for their body.

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