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The Abuse Potential of Medical Marijuana

The Abuse Potential of Medical Marijuana

The potential for abuse of Medical Marijuana While rushing around the house this morning, I saw a flash of a disturbing crime in the news. A pharmacist had to be held at knife point in the pharmacy. The perpetrator was Morphine, Oxycontin and Xanex. According to the report, I conjured a similar scenario for medical marijuana. Could a pharmacy cannabis ever get jacked up by a pot fiend? Most proponents readily admit that Medical Marijuana is not “that kind” of the drug. But the abuse potential of Medical Marijuana is most definitely there. Recreational users of marijuana shudder at the thought of their beloved weed a scene straight out of “Reefer Madness is compared.” But in “Reefer Madness”, an early black and white film anti-pot overboard characterization should be taken directly to scare. Today we wonder who are the victims in addition to prescription drugs, ala Ledger, Elvis, The Wonder glove “, and other fall. And that is frightening enough. Medical Marijuana is no different than any other prescription drug, so consultation with a doctor and a full understanding of addiction and abuse must be addressed-. As an example, in many chronic pain patients exemption from prescription painkillers marijuana found. If there is a small relief, then maybe a lot of pain is to move a whole. At regular intervals, the machine would then abuse set in motion? Remember now, you do not always die as a result of abuse, but a part of your life could be derailed as a result of abuse. Such a faux pas you could take back to square one, one suffering without relief from medical marijuana. Once a person extends an ID as qualified medical marijuana patients, skills in another arena. If your prescription drug does with any part of your life, your doctor or professional abuse must be warned. and a reassessment of your over-all health is now necessary. Joyce

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