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The Benefits of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

The Benefits of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

The fact that marijuana has proven to be useful in the treatment of multiple diseases that hinder Americans today seems to have been overlooked by the legal system in the United States, until now. At this point it’s now possible to acquire prescribed amounts of Medical Marijuana from KW Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, among other sources now provided in certain states here in the United States. Most of the Medical Marijuana Dispensaries require that you first get a recommendation from your primary physician before you can get a formal prescription for Medical Marijuana filled, but it has now been proven that Marijuana can be used to help patients that suffer with ailments such as glaucoma, hypoglycemia, cancer, nerve damage, severe back pain, spinal damage, broken bones, etc.Why is it that many of our states here in the US still seem to fear the potential help prescribing Medical Marijuana could potentially provide to patients suffering from physical anguish and/or mental illness? A researcher from the University of California, Berkeley, conducted a study that involved 350 users of Medical Marijuana; over half the group reported using the drug for the treatment of pain, and an even larger percentage used it to treat a mental illness. This study proves that many individuals of the middle class that receive prescription doses from Medical Marijuana Dispensaries use this substance to break their previous addictions to harder substances with more severe withdrawal symptoms and other negative side effects. Among these negative addictions were alcohol, prescription drugs that were once thought to only result in positive effects, and even harder street drugs. Medical Marijuana was viewed as a more positive experience for all participants as it resulted in significantly less severe chances of leading to withdrawal symptoms and there is a larger framework by which it successfully treated these physical and mental ailments. This is a study that has proven its worth to Medical Marijuana users throughout the country; it was published in the Harm Reduction Journal, and was performed by Amanda Reiman of the School of Social Welfare at Berkeley.Many states in the US have voted to pass laws regulating the legalization for marijuana use for medical purposes. While the government is still not comfortable enough with the idea of legalizing and taxing the recreational use of the drug, marijuana has proven it’s worth in treating illnesses and helping break harder addictions. If you are interested in finding Medical Marijuana Dispensary near you, you must first be aware of the state laws involving Medical Marijuana in the state where you live. The states with the largest variety of KW Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are California and Colorado, while states like Maine, New Jersey and the District of Columbia only grant access to a few. Some states, like Oregon, Alaska and Vermont, permit patients to grow Medical Marijuana in their homes. Be sure you look up the laws dealing with Medical Marijuana use and regulation for your specific state before you go any further.

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