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The Five Oddest Places To Find Cannabis Seeds

The Five Oddest Places To Find Cannabis Seeds

The Five Oddest Places to Find Cannabis SeedsThere are some places in the world where you would expect to find cannabis seeds, joints and hash cakes; finding a spliff in Amsterdam, late night comedy writer’s rooms and the green room for Bob Marley and the Wailers wouldn’t be much of a surprise. Like a duck to water, cannabis just goes naturally together with some places and images. It just seems natural. But what about the places you wouldn’t expect? There are some instances of marijuana turning up that you wouldn’t have imagined in your entire life. We have a look at the oddest places you could think to find cannabis and cannabis seeds…5. Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and the People’s Republic of ChinaWhole countries rather than specific places, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and the People’s Republic of China are the last places you would look for weed. Or, to be more accurate, they are the last places you would want to find weed. These countries (and some others) have particularly harsh responses to most kinds of drug use, marijuana being one of the drugs that you can be executed for having! While many people still import and export cannabis from these countries, most people wouldn’t even think about running the risk, thinking it odd to have the drug there when in other countries it’s almost completely legal.4.In an Open Field – in AmericaAmerica has one of the least open or forward thinking policies on cannabis and cannabis seeds (though that may change soon). You would therefore think that it would be one of the last places to have vast open fields sown with cannabis seeds, but you’d be wrong. In one part of the country, orders for marijuana seeds are through the roof. The Emerald Triangle in northern California is the nation’s largest grower of marijuana plants, and though the authorities routinely route out and burn down the crop, people are planting and growing cannabis at a rate that’s faster than they can destroy it. 3. In Granny’s BagYou may think “Sweet old Gran” would never have anything even slightly illegal or interesting, but you may be wrong. Marijuana is often championed for its pain relieving qualities, and was (and in some places still is) prescribed as a form of pain relief for many illnesses. The increase of silver surfers on the internet and the availability of cannabis seeds over the web has meant an increase of marijuana use among the elderly. So if you were to root around, you may well find that Granny has more than just Werther’s originals at the bottom of her bag…2. In your drinkPutting cannabis seeds or straight weed in your drink may seem very odd, but it’s not as crazy as it sounds. Many guides and cookbooks that have sections of culinary uses for the drug suggest uses in your libation, creating a “Green Dragon”. It would be odd (and more than a little worrying) to find it in your drink if you hadn’t wanted it there or known that it was, but as a personal choice the ‘experts’ say it’s “Odd, but good”.1. On the president’s deskOk, so it’s unlikely that any president (other than that of a banana republic) is going to plant marijuana seeds in a pot and let them grow on his or her desk as an indoor plant. But presidents and officials are more and more likely to have – or admit to having – planted, grown, harvested or smoked (or at least inhaled) weed. Unlike Bill Clinton’s famous “I smoked but I did not inhale” line, current incumbent Barack Obama has stated that he “did inhale. That was the point!” So finding weed in the White House, though odd, may not be out of the question at some point down the line…

Robert Kane is the web editor of Sensible Seeds. Based in the UK, the company sells feminized marijuana seeds and informational books on cannabis to customers all over the world.

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