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The Great Threat Of Methamphetamine Addiction In Ohio

The Great Threat Of Methamphetamine Addiction In Ohio

In the last few years, the rate of methamphetamine addiction in Ohio is going from strength to strength. Every year there are more people who are succumbing to this vice and seeking admissions in rehab centers for treatment. At the same time, there are special centers for handling methamphetamine addiction coming up in Ohio. This indicates the extent of the problem. Despite the precautionary measures being taken in the state, they are proving to be quite inadequate in coping with the problem.
It is important to see why the substance has become so prevalent in the state. There are two main reasons for this.
1. There is widespread trafficking of methamphetamine into the US from Mexico. The influx takes place through roadways, mostly operated through drug trafficking organizations and motorcycle organizations. Ohio lies on this road network. That is the reason why the state is a market for the substance as well as a focal point in the distribution network. Pure methamphetamine from Mexico is usually found in Ohio, which is consumed within the state and also distributed to other states in the vicinity.
2. The second main source of methamphetamine in Ohio is the large number of clandestinely operated outfits that produce their own methamphetamine using synthetic techniques. These small labs are usually run by one or two people. They product the drug using simply available substances such as antifreeze and cough syrups containing pseudoephedrine and ephedrine. Though it seems that their production might be small, it really isn’t. Each of these labs is capable of producing up to ten pounds of pure methamphetamine in the state, which is quite a significant amount.
There are many methods being employed to curb this production and distribution of meth in the state. There are several highway interdiction points where the authorities keep close tabs on each vehicle that comes into the state and there are also various crackdowns happening regularly on the labs that produce the drug. However, these methods are not proving adequate at stopping the prevalence of methamphetamine in the state.
One of the main problems of methamphetamine addiction in Ohio lies in the way it is distributed. The main market for the substance comprises of youngsters who are between 18 to 25 years old. These people are targeted by the local distributors who mostly spread the drug into the nightclubs and the party areas in which these young people frequent.
Methamphetamine is classified as a club drug in Ohio. It is used primarily in a purer form known as crystal meth, which is also known as ice. It is a popular party drug because it gives a very immediate high to the person. People who consume methamphetamine are immediately in a mood for revelry. Also, the drug is used when people are together. Due to the aphrodisiacal effect that it creates, there is a tendency to indulge in sexual acts when the drug is consumed.
The reason for the immediate effect of meth lies in the way it acts on the nervous system. When the person takes the substance, it causes them to go into a state of euphoria. This is caused by the action of the drug on the nervous system of the person that triggers the brain to release a substance known as dopamine. This hormone produces the feeling of pleasure. The main contribution to the happy feeling that methamphetamine is supposed to cause arises from this biological phenomenon.
There are many reasons why meth is considered to be one of the most potential dangers on the scene of drug addiction in Ohio. At the base of all are the strong dependency that the drug can cause and the fact that it is a popular drug amongst the youngsters. This is a major point of concern because if a person begins consuming a drug when young, there is a greater likelihood of the addiction becoming more difficult to treat. Also, because of the fact that meth is so deeply ingrained in the youth party culture of the state, it becomes almost impossible to separate it from that culture.
Today, statistics show that the trend of methamphetamine addiction in Ohio is gradually but surely rising. There was a time when the drug was not even properly known to the people in the state. But within a short ten years, the popularity of the drug has risen to such an extent that now it has begun to shadow the popularities of marijuana, heroin and cocaine on the addiction scene. Thankfully, several centers dedicated to meth addiction treatment have been established in the state, giving some respite to the problem.

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