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The Legal Issues Behind Medical Marijuana in Colorado

The Legal Issues Behind Medical Marijuana in Colorado

Medical Marijuana is a term used to administer marijuana for “debilitating” diseases such as cancer, called HIV / AIDS, epilepsy, etc., or serious conditions with symptoms that can be eased by the use of the drug – severe pain and nausea , seizures, multiple sclerosis, et al. There are important safeguards and rules in force since 2000 that the Colorado Marijuana Clinic wants every medical marijuana patient to be aware so that the patient or his parents / primary caregiver something illegal and punishable. Before a patient can start taking cannabis, it is necessary to his doctor for three things: 1 . Ask The risks and benefits of medical use of marijuana, particularly in relation to the debilitating condition. 2nd A written document signed by a doctor, an indication that the patient has a debilitating condition that calls for the medical use of marijuana. 3rd A patient should never obtain, if he receives marijuana ID card registration. Without the purchase of the above, no patient should be treated yourself, with marijuana, according to the laws of the state, the states of Colorado Marijuana Clinic. The section provides no protection to any patient or caregiver to buy, sell, produce and produce, distribute, or dispense, or transport marijuana for any use that is not medically. A patient and his caregivers should also remember that marijuana seized from them by the local authorities should be returned immediately when the prosecution proves that the patient is entitled to such protection by the amendment. Confidentiality is a central concern of many patients, and may not be any medical facility, pharmacy or the Colorado marijuana marijuana clinic, the patient is the name and identity to reveal. Once a patient is no longer debilitating conditions, he is obliged to return his passport. No patients have my more than two ounces medical marijuana and not more than six marijuana plants, with three or fewer flower with ripe seeds. Use of marijuana is strictly prohibited with regard to the general public or in public places. For patients under the age of eighteen years, have two doctors to diagnose debilitating diseases. Despite all these changes in medical patients with delay was provided by its terms, and most of the clauses can be “bent” if and only if the patient is medically debilitating conditions Sun

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