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The media is responsible for a young women’s death?

The media is responsible for a young women’s death?

a young women was hiding in Las Vegas who was believed to be dead, and the police found out that she was there. and so did the media, and the media blabbed on T.V. about it, and apparently the young women was hiding from someone who wanted to kill her. well, the someone found out from the media that she was in Las Vegas, and now, guess what, her corpse turns up just two weeks after she was found, it was in a remote canyon in Malibu California on an old marijuana farm. the media said where she was at, and the person found her and killed her. so, therefor, the media is responsibly for her death. isn’t this just horrible? http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-504083_162-20013483-504083.html and that is the story you are supposed to believe, that she wasn’t slain, and that her corpse had been there and there was a skeleton left as if she had been dead for a while. liars again!
uummm, okay, she was hiking in the mountains and hiding for over a year, and she just fell down and rotted, are you stupid or something? this is obviously a homocide dummy. and yes, a 15 year old obviously killed this poor innocent women, dummy. maybe you killed her because you seem to deny that she was slain and you are intent on blaming me for it stupid lol

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