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The Psychic Catalyst – Conditions, not Emotions or Drugs

The Psychic Catalyst – Conditions, not Emotions or Drugs

The Catalyst

Your ability works best in certain conditions and figuring out what these conditions are should be your utmost primary focus. Knowing what patterns and conditions allow you to use your ability will in time create a predictable ability you can use at will when the conditions are right.

Never Emotions

Emotions are unpredictable so if you use emotions as your catalyst your ability will always be unpredictable as well. Creating certain strong emotions to perform your ability requires focusing on memories in which invoke strong emotions such as rage. The problem with this is that reliving moments in which invoke rage, or any other strong emotion, causes the desensitization of those emotions. In time those memories will not invoke the same strong emotions they once did. An ability is something you can control to a certain degree, not accidentally, and in some cases side effects are not even part of your ability. What I mean by this is that many side effects can not be produced by those who have their ability in control because side effects are signs that their ability is out of control (example: increased static electrical discharge for Telekinetics). Emotional stress leads to physical stress and when your mind and body are unbalanced you will start to see the physical signs.

Physical signs can include:

Stress can lead to a lower immune system rendering you susceptible to colds and other infections. This imbalance can also lead to alcohol and drug abuse in later years if not addressed sooner. Continued stress can lead to acute and chronic periods of depression and anxiety as well. Please, do not put your mental and physical health at risk by using emotions as your catalyst.

Drugs Are Never the Answer

I have never and will never condone the use of drugs such as hallucinogens for ability enhancement. Drugs are a contradiction to enhancement because drugs can cause decreased motivation, prolonged depression, anxiety, increased delusions and panic, and psychosis while enhancement requires a clear mind and healthy body.

“To control an ability you must first have control over yourself.”

Using drugs to enhance and ability is similar to using emotions to control it. Enhancement during drug use is usually as short lived as your high. While you may feel your ability escalating during a high with drugs such as ecstasy, marijuana, mushrooms, LSD, DXM etc this is primarily due to the fact that drugs change the way the brain interprets time, reality, and the environment around you leading you unable to perceive things rationally or correctly. To enhance your ability through drug use you would have to stay on a drug continuously and indefinitely whereby risking a life time of severe side effects or risking fatality.

Case Study on the Effects of Hallucinogens and Mediums

I personally know a Medium who conducted a self study, against my wishes, regarding the long term effects of Mediumship abilities and hallucinogenic drugs. This medium remained on a ‘trip’ for exactly one year straight induced by a synthetic hallucinogenic drug. The medium would take certain dosages of the synthetic drug day and night to keep the trip going. In one years time the medium never came down from the trip. The trip was fluctuated between extreme on the weekends to moderate during the week. Even after being on a trip for an entire year the medium did not report any noticeable difference ability wise. What the medium did experience is severe side effects from the beginning of the study until almost six years after the study.

Fatal Side Effects

The immediate side effects of drugs can become chronic if drug use persists and in some cases you may never be able to resolve the side effects. The use of some drugs can lead to an increase in heart rate and blood pressure and some can even put you can in a coma. They can cause you to mix up or slur your speech, lose control of your muscles, make meaningless movements, and act in irrational, aggressive, or violent ways which could lead to legal issues that will haunt you for the rest of your professional life. Many drugs used for so-called “psychic enhancement” are illegal to buy, sell, or possess. The body can quickly form a tolerance to drugs, so a person would have to take more and more of the drug for the same effect. This is very dangerous because taking stronger doses of any drug may cause severe side effects, including overdose. Many street drugs are fake leaving you with no high and no money. Other street drug potencies are unpredictable and therefore can lead to overdose.

Drugs in Many Shapes and Forms

Those taking street drugs for the enhancement of an ability are only setting themselves up for disappointment. Those taking prescription drugs, especially for severe conditions, are not ideal for the enhancement process. Your body is a temple, a temple with great potential, so treat it like a temple or you will only be creating obverse reactions then you initially intended.


The only way to successfully enhance your ability and control it long term is through analysis. Awareness and problems solving skills are required to figure out what conditions your ability work best with.


This article is part of a larger paper. The paper contains over 50% more content. To purchase the full PDF version of this article for $2.99 please visit www.qpsychics.com. Dr. Kelly has spent over fourteen years thoroughly researching her particular area of expertise (Metaphysics), she has written a book in this particular area, Quantum Psychics: Scientifically Justified Exercises & Techniques to Enhance Your Psychic Ability, along with several smaller e-books and has written and published many articles and papers. She has provided active, private, non-profit metaphysical counseling services for over ten years, has answered hundreds of emails and posts from readers and site visitors all over the world, has been active in psychical research off and on for the past eleven years and has an honorary doctorate in metaphysics. The website www.qpsychics.com offers many more free articles and other publications by Dr. Kelly. The website also provides a free metaphysical social network and community.

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