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The Shop Hemp Works Amsterdam NL. ThSeeds info

The Shop Hemp Works Amsterdam NL. ThSeeds info

Hemp Works CV shop.hempworks.nl Nieuwendijk 13 1012 LZ Amsterdam, Netherlands +31 (0)20 4211762 Since ’93 we have been dedicated to promote the use of hemp for more sustainable ways of doing things. With our brand HoodLamb we combine style with eco-friendly fabrics to create comfortable, durable and earth-friendly wear. Back in 1993, Adam Dunn and Douglas Mignola started Hemp Works, an independent hemp clothing store offering a broad collection of refreshing hemp fashion. Their main aim was to promote a contra-movement against the mass-production and mass-pollution of the clothing industry and demonstrate that a solution for sustainable living could be found in hemp. Since then, Hemp Works is one of Europe’s biggest hemp stores and the place to shop for organic hemp wear and lifestyle products. With our store and our brand Hemp HoodLamb we aim to offer people an alternative to synthetic and uncomfortable wear and promote the use of eco-friendly fabrics and especially hemp. We like to promote the use of hemp because it is one of the most eco-friendly fabrics in the world; it requires no pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers to grow, returns nutrients to the soil and is very fast-growing and resource-efficient. In our store you will find a broad collection of stylish hemp clothing. We represent brands from all over the world and are proud to offer you a unique selection of products including a full range of our inhouse brand Hemp HoodLamb.

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