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Tignanello Purses and Organic Fashions for The EcoChic

Tignanello Purses and Organic Fashions for The EcoChic

so with style, attention, care and a closet full of organic, yet

fashionable apparel. Yes, you really can be stylish and up to

date with the latest clothes while avoiding garments which were

made in a stew of toxic chemicals.

To say that the fashion industry is competitive is an

understatement. Thankfully, this competition has extended to

natural products as well, leading some clothing companies away

from the usual industrial means of production to more healthful

manufacturing. This new movement is also creating a new path for

clothing designers across the globe. For the women who follow the

latest trends, this is good news. They can now wear the latest

styles while bringing attention to the problems facing our


The idea of organic clothing goes far beyond the fibers which are

used the create the clothing itself, but also involves using safe

and environmentally sound practices in every aspect of

manufacturing from the seed to department shelf.

Many people are choosing organic clothing, but more still wear

clothes made from synthetic fibers like polyester and nylon; both

of which are made from petrolatum and other non-renewable sources

that deliver havoc on the environment. Our landfills are covered

with piles of non-biodegradable items such as plastics and yes,

your favorite polyester sweater.

Clothing made from synthetic fibers aren\’t the only culprit of

environmental damage, cotton for example, is drenched in

pesticides risking the lives of cotton pickers and the

surrounding Eco-systems. SO, what\’s a girl to do is she wants to

be green and stylish at the same time?

If you want to be a green fashionista, the first step is to seek

out clothes made by green friendly designers such as Tierra Del

Forte and Stella McCartney. Both these women take great pride in

their green clothing lines. Another way to go green in the closet

is by buying clothes made from natural fibers such as bamboo and

hemp. You can also buy products made from recycled synthetic


Shoes and accessories are also an important element in an

Eco-chic\’s fashion ensemble. Most shoes are made from plastics,

resins and leather and are next to impossible to recycle. A

growing number of companies are starting to manufacture footwear

from recycled materials like seat belts, jeans and even bicycle

tires. Companies doing this are Vegan Essentials, Terra Plana and

Jade Planet among others.

You can find accessories with relative ease that can accentuate

your green wardrobe such as jewelry made from natural twine such

as hemp. You can also find pieces made from recycled gold and


There are a lot of choices for organic, natural and recycled

clothing which are available online. Many retailers are now

offering these stylish products and the eco-chic no longer needs

to sport a burlap dress of days gone by to be on top of the

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