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Two Years Of Successes Thanks To Price Per Head Services And The Sportsbook Software From Bookoldschool

Two Years Of Successes Thanks To Price Per Head Services And The Sportsbook Software From Bookoldschool

As I entered the betting business just a couple of years ago, I realized how hard was to establish myself as a reputable bookmaking agent, but, since I have been using the sportsbook software delivered by BookOldSchool (a price per head company that has been around for years), I have acquired a steady base of regular clients thanks to the implementation of this outstanding tool in my daily wager processing activities.


Now I can easily monitor the betting activities of my clients automatically without the need to manually check account per account, therefore, I am able to understand what is better for my business in terms of the customers I want to keep and those I prefer to let go. Profits have increased substantially since I have been working with this price per head shop, and their sportsbook software, is certainly one of the key factors that has allowed me to be a better servicing provider without losing the winning edge concerning betting probabilities.


I am no longer worried about checking lines by myself since the team at BookOldSchool is filled with professional line movers whom are the responsible ones for maintaining wagering lines which are likable for my clients, but which at the same time, are balanced to protect my personal interests.


When I began taking bets professionally, I realized that I was going to need help in order to be able of processing wagers when necessary (which means at any time of the day), otherwise I would see myself picking up the phone no matter where I was at the moment if I didn’t wanted to lose the action of the client, and, such help meant a lot of cash invested in employees and a decent, secure working space. But after some research over the Internet, I found out about pph establishments, and I was immediately hooked.


I first tried a couple of onshore options, but then I realized that they were too expensive and could not offer me the type of service I was expecting for the amount of cash I was paying. Therefore, I decided to give offshore companies a try, and, BookOldSchool was the one that could actually deliver top solutions for a fair weekly fee. The best of all is that I only have to pay for services granted, which means that I am only paying for clients whom had actually utilized their service in a given week, and not for the full number of customers in my portfolio, and this certainly means savings.


Regular clerks are trustful and proficient, and their management team is quite courteous, which means that I always have somebody to talk to in case of needing quick answers concerning any given subject. And when it comes to technical support, their team of computer specialists are also of the highest quality. I am planning on continuing to do businesses with BookOldSchool for as long as I’ll be taking bets, and, will also recommend it for bookmakers out there looking for the right pph company.

This news are brought to you by BookOldSchool.com, By Mia Kingstone, Remember to check back soon for more sportsbook news and information on keeping your business running up to date. If you haven’t signed up for

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