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US pro-legalization (marijuana) people.. hypothetical question?

US pro-legalization (marijuana) people.. hypothetical question?

I’m an advocate of full legalization, but one thing that concerns me is my dealer… He is disabled and without selling weed he could not make ends meet.. if it were legalized (which I know it will not be any time soon where I live, Georgia) what would he do for work? What would others like him do for work? They would be entering an already highly overcrowded job market. Sure the government would be creating jobs to grow it, but these would not be enough to satisfy the employment demands of the hundreds of thousands of marijuana dealers in the U.S.
All of you guys that are angry about this, if you don’t like progress move to Iran or Pakistan, bible thumpers fit in better in Islamic countries than they would think.
@glen b: you need to get laid bro

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