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Volcano Vaporizer Review

Volcano Vaporizer Review

If you’ve seen the doctor lately, you’ve heard his pleas, his insistence to ingest your medical marijuana through a healthier medium. Smoking is great, we all know this, but it may not be the greatest for you. With the adverse side effects of high tar and particle inhalation and the wealth of available alternatives, it just may be time to hang up that roach clip after all. Despite the low quality pencil sharpener whips and handheld gizmos you’ve tried, there is a quality option on the market, the Cadillac of vaporizers: the Volcano Vaporizer.

Pros vs. Cons

    • The only real con is the price.
    • Easy to use, clean, and replace interchangeable parts.
    • Fully adjustable temperature control.
    • Infinitely customizable bag sizes with the solid valve.
    • It’s durable, sleek, and will really tie your room together.
    • Huge market presence, so it’s always easy to find accessories or new parts.

Product Specifications

Volcano Digital Vaporizer Review







    • Three year warranty.
    • Range of 104º to 446º (Digital) or 266º to 446º (Classic).
    • Made in Germany.

Who Should Use It?

For the unconverted, the Volcano is an easy to use and hard hitting contraption perfect for individual or group sessions. There’s a multitude of sizes to choose from, everything from personal bags to party balloons to homemade monstrosities. You can also select between two valve types, the traditional solid valve or the more convenient easy valve. With the endless available customization and consistently simple operation, everyone from world class tokers to first time smokers can get their fill of clean, pure THC.

Is the Volcano Vaporizer Worth It?

My biggest gripe with most vaporizers it the lack of a solid hit, that dense exhalation that clicks the register in your head, informing you that, unequivocally, you are now high. With the customizable bag delivery system, you can take as big of a rip as you can hold, ensuring a quality and personalized experience every session.

With the high price tag, you’d be tempted to say no, but considering how much more durable and satisfying the Volcano is than almost any other vaporizer on the market, I’d have to say that it’s well worth your money. Maybe just don’t store it on a high shelf or leave it your buddy’s house overnight.

Price Comparison

The best sources are VaporNation, GotVape, and Vape World, all which sell the digital for $669 and the classic for $539. Vape World advertises lower, but you still have to buy a valve, bringing the total back to market standard. To outfit your new Volcano, pair it with a heavy duty shell case and all of the replacement parts you could possibly need, available at most online retailers.

Our Top Recommendation

Buy the Volcano Classic Vaporizer for $539 or Digital Vaporizer for $669 at VaporNation.

Our 2nd Choice

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