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War on Drugs a Costly Sham

War on Drugs a Costly Sham

We humans are a predictable lot; we continually ignore history, are afraid of everything, and act emotionally rather than rationally, especially when it comes to the vexatious and controversial subject of drugs in society. We don’t learn from our mistakes; destined to repeat them over and over on a recurring loop of denial. Wash over some orchestrated religious propaganda and you have a recipe for disaster.

The author of the recently released autobiography; “Cheating the Hangman: True Confessions of a Heroin Trafficker” knows what he’s talking about when it comes to illegal drugs. Wade Agnew has been using them daily for forty years. He started with alcohol, quickly dismissing it after the revelation of marijuana in 1968 while at University. This discovery would dictate the course of his life. For all the details of his terrifyingly authentic tale go to;


That the “War on Drugs” was the brainchild of the Nixon administration; the most seriously paranoid US president of the 20th Century, tells us a great deal about its genesis and “raison d’etre”. Every society that has existed since the beginning of time has used “consciousness altering” substances, often in highly spiritual circumstances. This should have told us something, but apparently not.

Ignorance and political ambition are a volatile mix. At the start of the 21st Century, Australia was experiencing a flood of heroin. Established by refugees after the war in S.E.Asia, the Vietnamese community was now well integrated into mainstream society. Many of these citizens were ethnic Chinese with strong family links back to their homeland. With the opening up of the post-war Viet Nam, they became the conduit for Thai and Burmese white powder heroin then flooding into Australia. This community was very wary of officialdom, and notoriously difficult to penetrate. As a consequence the country was experiencing a huge drop in the price of heroin on the streets of major cities. It even penetrated far flung inland country towns. The price per gram fell to unprecedented lows, and the purity was astounding high by world standards.

“I was well and truly retired by then, and could only look on with envy as no4 white powder flooded into Australian cities,” says Wade from his home in Brisbane. “People were making serious money from the glut of high quality heroin.”

An unfortunate consequence of the high purity was a sharp rise in the number of overdoses on the streets of Australian cities. Addicts unused to such purity were dropping like flies. At one point police in Cabramatta; a Vietnamese enclave in western Sydney; now the heroin capital of the country, begged whoever was distributing a particularly pure shipment (close to 95%) to cut their drugs to curb the death rate.

Not long after, the local market began to experience a serious heroin drought, and the conservative Australian government began crowing, claiming its “Tough on Drugs” policy had been responsible. This drought was quickly followed by an avalanche of Methamphetamines. This was no coincidence; the two phenomena were inextricably linked. It quickly became evident that the Australian Government was taking credit for decisions of criminals. The “War on Drugs” has little or no effect on the availability of illegal drugs on the streets of Australia or anywhere else for that matter. All it does is pump-prime organized crime, and turn otherwise law abiding citizens into criminals.

The following are excerpts from a report into the heroin glut entitled; “The Case for an Inquiry into its Causes and the Flood of Methamphetamines” by W.M. Bush; no relation.

“The article disputes the claim by the Federal Government that Australian law enforcement financed by its Tough on Drugs Strategy was primarily responsible for the heroin drought and resulting fall in overdose deaths. Law enforcement agencies, notably the Australian Federal Police through its Commissioner, have revealed intelligence to the effect that Asian crime syndicates have assessed that there is a large and very profitable market in Australia for amphetamine-like drugs, and that they have made a marketing decision to promote them rather than heroin.

The evidence suggests strongly that the prime causes of the drought were a series of poor opium harvests in Burma and these marketing decisions. No other explanation fits the known facts including;

• The drought being confined to Australia

• A big rise in availability of amphetamine-like drugs imported through the same channels as heroin

• The known large rise in recent years in production in South East Asia of these artificial drugs

• The greater profit derivable from them than from heroin

• Their lower vulnerability to law enforcement interdiction.

If law enforcement had an effect it was probably only a subsidiary factor. The evidence is strong that there would have been no drought in the absence of the other factors.”

“If anyone should know about the profits to be made when drugs are made illegal, it’s me. I spent thirty years selling drugs; it’s not for the faint hearted, but there are huge amounts of money to be made”, says Wade. “I only use marijuana these days; I can’t afford the high cost of heroin. “I inhale the vapours with a marijuana vaporizer. In fact I import them for the local and world market; I sell the VapoHead Herbal Vaporizer. Marijuana Vaporizers are bloody brilliant. You can check them out on my website at;”


I still use heroin occasionally when I have the funds. The quality in Australia is the envy of addicts everywhere; almost always white powder, and usually with 50% purity or higher. However it’s very expensive, reflecting the difficulty of getting it safely ashore. If I could afford to, I would certainly use heroin more often,” Wade adds with a grin.

Wade Agnew is the Australian author of the recently released terrifyingly authentic autobiography entitled; ?Cheating the Hangman: True Confessions of a Heroin Trafficker.? Wade happily consumed heroin for more than thirty years and successfully trafficked from the ?Golden Triangle? for over a decade. He has recently turned his hand to selling the VapoHead marijuana vaporizer Down Under.

For all the details please go to the website;


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