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Weed: The Movie (Part I)

Weed: The Movie (Part I)

The first part of a three-part movie about fake Weed and ways to smoke it. REMINDER: The kids are 10-12 years old, they don’t really know much about weed. (Additional tag words: norml normal smoking smoke devil weed weeds dope lower euro ontario canada canadian unconstitutional antidrug anti drug anti-drug ondcp ondcp drug czar m “m” john walters dea dea Judge Howard Borenstein Brian McAllister conspiracy decriminalize decriminalization decrim cheba hut wiet joint legalize legalise education ed medicinal medical weed herb sensible marijuana ganja bhang bong bhong lasi lassi cannabis sativa indica ruderalis joint amsterdam coffeeshop coffee shop crawl legalisation legalization of testimonies testimonials scoring score dope fiend chronic hemp victory reefer propaganda madness hard soft drug netherlands europe denver sensible safer choice saferchoice morocco marihuana law skunk dutch hash den cafe office national drugs drug control policy norml normal HT parties bust busted legalize it princeofpot prince of pot law reform entertainment of 420 4/20 4:20 HIGH TIMES hightimes kind bud oaksterdam high times prague seattle oakland santa cruz west la la lala dispensary outlet pharmacy la mota consumer maria hierba yerba cannabis cup sativa porro fuamao anti-marijuana anti bill marijuana antimarijuana mariguana hachis peta petardo canuto fly fumar risa lirio mais caña pro anti drug addict addiction abuse ninth article prohibition antiprohibition bush gore nixon antidrug anti-drug

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