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Week 4.5 – How to Take Clones and Why.3gp

Week 4.5 – How to Take Clones and Why.3gp

Taking Clones is the most important thing to learn how to do. By taking a branch from a plant, and rooting it, it then becomes an identical “Clone” or Genetic Copy of the Original Plant. It will grow the same height given the same conditions. It will grow the same style or phenotype of buds. It will smell, taste, and will be identical in Medicinal Effect as the Original. See why its soo important. What happens if you’re go to a Dispensary, buy some Flowers, and go home and medicate. The “LIGHT BULB” goes “ON!” and it completely eliminates some or all of the symptoms you suffer from…. REMEMBER THAT NAME, OR STRAIN. Thats’ YOUR Medicine…. Might not do the same for me, or anyone else, but you KNOW it works for YOU… Order some seeds of that “Named Strain” or start trying to find a clone of it. When you go home and grow it in your Backyard this 2010 Growing Season (Starting on 4/20) by October, you will have about a half a pound or so of that exact medicinal effect that you don’t have to BUY!

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