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What are Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

What are Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

Any site that offers legal sales of marijuana seeds a stranger named option feminized seeds, usually in two or three times the price for the same amount of common seeds. But what are the marijuana seeds feminized? Why do people buy when they cost more? What are they? Marijuana plants are male or female – the male flowers produced, fertilize the female plants, seeds and shoots developed. A standard package of marijuana seeds cheap to produce a mixture of male and female plants in a ratio of approximately 50/50. Feminized marijuana seeds are produced by cloning and “shocking” female plants by spraying them with a silver solution. This prevents them from developing countries than men. The seeds of plants that are treated this way only female plants were – and are called feminized marijuana seeds. Why people buy? There are several reasons why many experienced breeders choose to buy marijuana seeds feminized. Most male plants have very low levels of THC and therefore are not harvested marijuana. Also, if a crop is a mixture of the sexes is necessary to identify and separate the male plants as soon as possible so as not to mate with females – unfertilized female plants produce larger, more mature buds, while fertilized females produce small buds are filled with marijuana seeds. Good growing conditions can still be done with the seeds of normal plants and mixed, but can take much more effort and performance can vary considerably. Feminized marijuana seeds produce all female plants. This saves this dispute the identification and separation of male plants in a culture before they can fertilize the female, and also means that a pack of ten seeds, you may be harvested from ten plants that produce marijuana ( on average) five plants. Most producers, of course, a limited amount of storage space and a guarantee all female plants can help maximize a small space for growth. Naturally, we want the farmers, more plants without having to buy again and again, producing seeds of marijuana, but it can be done without the production of plants – more experienced breeders prefer their plants to the cloning of a good portion of a mature plant and then replanting. This not only allows them to keep women without fertilizing, and maintaining a high return on investment, the clone will get all the features of its “parents”, which means better quality plants can be reproduced exactly. They cost more buyers. Cheap marijuana seeds can be easily done, but it takes time and effort to produce serious feminized marijuana seeds. Because these valuable plants produce seeds, which is consequently more expensive. But they remain popular among breeders. Save yourself the hassle of producing identification and separation of male plants, and also provide a guarantee of female marijuana each seed is purchased, resulting in more outbreaks and increased performance.

Robert Kane is the web editor Sensible Seeds. Based in the UK, the company sold marijuana seeds and informational books on cannabis to customers worldwide feminized.

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