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What are friendship bracelets

What are friendship bracelets

Jewellery is very famous equally among men and women, these days. Gone are the days when the jewellery was weared only by the women. Now customized jewelry items are made especially for men, women and children etc. Bracelets are the very famous among the jewelry and is known and used all over the world both by men, women and children. These are created from different metals like gold, silver, diamond, platinum etc. The price and quality of the bracelets depends on the material used in designing and on the complexity of the designs. There are different types of bracelets and a famous type is called friendship bracelet. These bracelets are especially made to give to your friends as a gift and friends love to wear it because it the symbol of their trust, love and friendship. There are different friendship bracelet patterns, from which you can chose the best for your friend.

Friendship bracelets are usually made by hand, although machines can be used to make the complex and beautiful designs. You can yourself make a friendship bracelet in your home. These bracelets areĀ  not made from the heavy metals like diamond, gold etc. Rather these are made from the hemps twisted together and knots are created with good designs.

You can ask an expert to make a bracelet for your friend. You can ask to write any name or any message or greeting on the bracelet too. This will make it the best customized gift for your friend and your friend will love it.

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