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What drug(s) would fit this description?

What drug(s) would fit this description?

I think there are at least two drugs being used by a certain person I am close to, but possibly more or some kind of health condition, and I want to find out how to help them.

This person gets extremely irritable and volatile at times, like they are completely cut off from their emotions and just blow up. They cannot seem to think logically at those times – everything is just all about them, as if they have total tunnel-vision.

Other times, they are just silly and goofy and can’t seem to stop laughing (I am pretty sure that one would be marijuana, but just in case).

A while back, I found a couple of burnt spoons with a white substance burned on them. I can’t remember at this point if there were any other colors on the spoons. They always seem to have this “allergy medicine” with them that I can’t remember the name of (they work at a pharmacy and they do get allergies) but looked up at the time and it is legitimate allergy medicine, and they are always taking Advil. (Not sure if all these details matter, but thought I’d include them in case they do pertain.)

This person stays up really late and tends to be very evasive. They are able to work and carry on a somewhat normal life, aside from all the issues mentioned above. Yet they seem to get more stressed than someone should get about very minor problems. I really believe this person is on drugs, but aside from the spoons I mentioned seeing a while back (which were blamed on someone else), I have seen no other evidence aside from their behavior that they are, and they of course will not admit that they are.

What does it sound like this person is on? How would you suggest helping them?? What else should I expect?

PS – In case you read my profile, no they do not belong to my religion.
Could some kind of health condition be causing all of the above?
knicname – That is a great answer, thanks! Just leaving open for now for more input.

I should add that the allergy medicine is a liquid in a tiny vial. It has a long name – I want to say pseudoephedrine but it isn’t that. Just something similar.

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