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what happened to me? really weird!?

what happened to me? really weird!?

Okay a little background first, I have not smoked pot in 3 years, and I know it can be really strong, but I am wondering if it was laced with something, also the man in this story, I have met him a few times and he was always really nice, he just looks a little weird (skinny little 60 year old with crazy thick glasses shaved head and goatee)

I was at a bonfire and only knew one girl there, she was already all drunk by the time I got there so I was mingleing with different people there, this guy asked me if I want to smoke a doobie, and I was all bored (and not drinking) so we went in the front yard and smoked it. I went back to fire feeling a little weird when the guy (mentioned above) jumped @ me from behind a fence and screamed (he was also wearing a black satanic symbol robe probably from holoween) and inside my mind I had a terrible inner vision the he was a serial killer and he had me locked in a stone seller and was cutting me and cutting my fingers off and laughing, and when I looked into his eyes, he became a deamon and I was in hell and he was sexually tortureing me and then I was alone in. Dark place and he was inside my brain with knives and forkes cutting into it, I freaked and ran to my car and started driving haome, I thought I realized I have been posessed for years and my mind was trying to make me drive out and crash with another car and I saw my head was cut in two and the deamons was sitting in my skull with a galexy swirling around it, I made it home and felt better until my husband put this cardboard box with a hole cut in it that my son likes to play with over his head and looked at me out the hole it made me sick inside, last night I had scary dream I can’t remember

What do you think happened to me?!

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