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What Is Legal Bud

What Is Legal Bud

Within the last five years, legal bud has been defined as a legal alternative to marijuana; furthermore, a legal alternative to drugs in general. The market for these legal alternatives has grown huge and many individuals are taking advantage of this opportunity by indulging in these legal alternatives.

The first legal alternative is most commonly known as legal bud. Legal Bud can best be defined as either one herb or combination of herbs that resemble and replicate both the appearance and effects of marijuana. Most of this market is dominated by a reputable company; therefore, not much competition exists in this field.

The second legal alternative is most commonly known as herbal blends. Two sub-categories exist in the herbal blends field, natural herbal blends and research chemical based herbal blends. Research chemical based herbal blends are generally common herbs mixed with psychoactive chemicals like JWH-018 that affect the same receptors as marijuana does. Natural herbal blends are usually consist of either one legitimate flower or a mix of herbal blends, but what separates the natural herbal blends from the research chemical based herbal blends is the lack of a synthetic chemical. Some believe that it is best to avoid research chemicals due to a lack of research performed on the toxicity of said chemicals.

The third legal alternative is actually the research chemical alone. Users have located both domestic and offshore vendors for these mainstream research chemicals. The most common chemical is JWH-018, followed by its close cousins JWH-073 and JWH-200. These chemicals are most commonly used because they do not fall under the analogue act in the United States, therefore considered as unscheduled substances.

It is important to keep in mind that these three variants all sprouted from the root term “legal bud”. 

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