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what is the reason that illegal drugs are considered as such?

what is the reason that illegal drugs are considered as such?

think about it. i am not a marijuana user, lsd user or a mushroom user but if they are so bad, why aren’t cigarettes put in that same category of illegal. some contain rat poison. smoking it for long periods of time can cause gangrene, throat cancer and many other diseases. isnt it in some way just as bad as the 3 “drugs” i mentioned. other things can be like alcohol (sadly some people cant get laid without it) and pharmacy drugs. seriously, i know of this legal pill used to treat asthma that has the side effects of shortening the user’s breathing. isnt that weird? its true after all
wow Norte you really are very veery smart. your dream world is doing wonders for you dude. have a good ducking fay!
@Laughter i understand what you are saying. however, if you notice a pattern in the “drugs” that are illegal, you would see that they were used by counter-culture movements. and you know how the govt is about maintaining the so called “status quo”. they would do anything to “achieve” that, if you will.

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