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What is wrong with marijuana?

What is wrong with marijuana?

I have been smoking marijuana for well over 6 months now, and I don’t notice any problems arising. I would say that the number of times I smoke it in a week varies between 1-7. I have researched facts on marijuana almost everyday and looked for non-biased information and have found that marijuana:
Kills cells as much as ANYTHING that gets into your bloodstream whether it be pot, alcohol, even aspirin.
Does not cause cancer and there has never been any reported cases of cancer due to marijuana smoking (Bob Marley died from cancer from tobacco smoking)
My sperm count definitely hasn’t lowered.
My heart rate has never felt any faster and if so probably by about 10 beats per minute so my metabolism speeds up and breaks down the thc.

I’ve even noticed benefits from smoking it, my asthma doesn’t affect me at all, I rarely get headaches anymore (I used to have chronic headaches that would lead to vomiting and passing out by the end of the day.), and I am a much more tolerant and calm person. My grade point average is a 3.6 and before I started smoking marijuana I had a 1.8. I feel more active and inclined to get things done.

My friends believe that I am ruining my life and they say that I am going to become stupid, lazy, or dead. My former friends, friends parents, and teachers all look down on me like I’m a fucking demon because I use a drug that is safer than beer and less addictive than soda. They think I am lying when I say that the average deaths from marijuana per year is 0. In health class students are taught that marijuana is more potent than it was in the 60s and 70s (my dad begs to differ) and it is probably going to be laced with something everytime you buy it (never happened to me). Also they are taught that it is a stimulate like amphetamines or opiates that get into your bloodstream and release dompamine causing euphoria and severely damaging the brain. That is all 100% bullshit. What is wrong with marijuana that makes everyone think that I am a bad person? Is there really nothing wrong or immoral about using it and people beleive there is because of reefer madness, or am I a devil’s advocate?

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