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What is wrong with my olive tree?

What is wrong with my olive tree?

I have a potted olive tree that lives in my room, in an east-facing window. Some of the light is filtered by a magnolia tree. I water when the soil gets dry, sometimes a little earlier; the water I use is tap water that has sat out for a while.

Some of its leaves are getting discolored and fall of with a light touch. There are two types of discoloration: brown at the tip, and brown on the face of the leaf. The ones that are brown at the tip are still solidly connected to the tree. I recently (a month ago) put a little metal bird in the pot as decoration (I don’t know what kind of metal, but it’s dark brown and not shiny), but I took it out today because I thought it might be hurting the tree. It’s also gotten pretty cold recently, and they’re next to a window, so it might be getting cold?

I’m also plant-sitting another olive tree from the same seller, but it’s doing fine. The two are next to each other to take advantage of the way the light shines, but should I separate them?

What’s wrong with it?

(Just a general olive tree question: is it okay that some of the other olive tree’s leaves have drops of something on the end of them? The drops are clear and look like water, but aren’t. They’re semi-solid and a little sticky.)

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