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What motivates adults to use marijuana?

What motivates adults to use marijuana?

It is so rare to hear the typical marijuana user described in this way (accurately) that I had to reread this just to be sure.

The abstract is revealing as well:

They were predominantly middle class, employed in a wide range of occupations, and used marijuana recreationally to enhance relaxation and concentration while engaged in leisure activities.

Holy hookah, Batman! These hippies have jobs and happy lives!? Somebody better drug test them soon, otherwise they might make it their whole lives without anyone realizing what losers they are.

The point here is that the typical marijuana user isn’t someone who can benefit from criminal justice intervention.

Just think about how damaging these punishments for marijuana can be and imagine what happens each time they are applied to someone whose life was previously going just fine:
For many decades now, we’ve been ruining the lives of healthy, happy people for using marijuana. We’re able to do this because we tell ourselves

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