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What You Need to Know About Insurance Drug Tests

What You Need to Know About Insurance Drug Tests

If you’re like most people, when you encounter a question on a health or life insurance application that relates to recreational drug use, you quickly mark no. Even though most people agree that this information doesn’t ever need to be publicly disclosed, insurance companies are always looking for a factor that could allow them to reject your application if you don’t agree to pay a higher rate.

Even though it’s easy enough to answer no to a question on an application with lots of other questions, what do you do when an insurance company informs you that you will need to submit to a drug test to qualify for their coverage? While your first instinct may be to panic and start drinking any water you can get your hands on, “effective methods” for passing drug tests that your friends told you about are not the way you should be preparing for your drug test. While everyone has heard or read plenty of home remedies for passing a urine drug test, they all have one thing in common: they’re not reliable. In fact, the majority of them don’t work at all. While your friend may swear that drinking four gallons of a specific type of juice six days before a drug test will ensure that you pass, there is simply no way of guaranteeing that these “methods” will actually work. Even if you put aside the fact that most of these ideas are simply misinformation, the truth is that what may accidentally work for one person will most likely not work for another. The reason for this is that everyone’s usage and body are different, so it’s impossible to precisely calculate an individual’s drug testing detection period.

Instead of wasting your time trying to follow the steps of an illogical home drug testing remedy, the simple way to successfully pass a drug test is with real powdered urine. While synthetic urine can be quickly detected by drug testing laboratories, there is no way for labs to detect clean powdered urine from a real person. Trying to pass a drug test with synthetic urine or a “home remedy” is as crazy as thinking you’re going to win the lottery tomorrow. However, by choosing to use real powdered urine to pass your insurance drug test, you can ensure that you won’t be denied life or medical insurance as a result of a failed a drug test.

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