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What’s the Matter With the United States

What’s the Matter With the United States


By Dr. Jay Polmar

Having lived 62 years, some of them outside of the US looking in from an international viewpoint, I can clearly see the big bully threatening all the smaller kids in the school yard for their lunch money.

“Where did they go wrong?” The long time idolizers of the mighty United States wail. Go wrong?? They have been bullies for a very long time. After the Clinton administration left office over a not so pretty young lady and their rather sloppy indiscretion, the embarrassment went from Bill Clinton dropping his shorts to the mainstream press making it less likely that men everywhere would get to enjoy things that were almost everyday occurrences.

Since then, the US has been invaded. Or has it? Whether anyone believed it or not, Osama was immediately blamed along with Saudi participants. But, why have they still not found Osama? The US has the greatest satellite network in the world and can look inside your home, inside your underwear, and probably do a cat scan (CT) on you from outer space. It is very likely that if they could get you to stay still long enough, they could probably do a laser lobotomy from 50 miles in space with perfect accuracy. My suggestion is; when you’re dealing with the US, keep your head low and keep moving!

What direction is the US moving towards? Essentially, they blame other countries for everything and make anything you do that is inconvenient to the government bureaucracy a criminal offense. It’s a crime to write negative press about the US President (George W. Bush, the Junior) who stole the presidential election by fraud and software manipulation, not once but twice! Amazingly, most of the people in the rest of the world consider George W. Bush (little King George) to be the anti-Christ. People have been held by the FBI (now the new Internet Police) for writing negative emails about Bush to his war buddy friends. A war hero was even taken into custody. Freedom laws, speech laws, all gone. Bill of Rights, right? No rights. They are gone, just taken away. If you don’t pay taxes, for example (which is technically only a voluntary donation anyway because it has never been approved by the full congress), you go to jail. Don’t pay child support; go to jail. Yell at your neighbors too much; yep, you go to jail. And there are no get out of jail free cards!

Long ago, a Northeastern study analyzing the outcomes from teaching ethics in the third grade showed that for the 20+ year length of study; students who had been taught ethics had reduce instances for committing crime, getting into trouble, serving jail time etc. So, why don’t they teach ethics in the third grade?? Because THEY aren’t ethical. Who are THEY?? Anyone who would have anything to do with a government agency, work, service, employ, anything at all! And the majority of the schools in the US are governmentally run public schools.

Well, perhaps the health care industry has a better record? Nope, it’s not honest. Nor is it even good quality medicine. The US is rated in the top 30 countries in the world for health care, but didn’t make the top 20. Medical care is expensive and the quality is actually pathetic. In addition, you pay top dollar to insurance companies who give you horrible healthcare and customer service while they deny you benefits that could save you or someone you love’s life! What gives with these insurance companies?

Insurance companies: yep, they’ll save the day. Hah! When the insurance companies realized that families in Hawaii were faking car accidents just so they could get disability benefits, car replacement, and undeserved compensation; their PR departments and the media had a field day with it! News of the “frauds” in Hawaii spread around the world. So, the insurance companies proceeded to use the authority of the US government to make stricter laws. Now, everyone who gets injured but doesn’t die is assumed to be a fraud and a criminal. Claims are indiscriminately denied and the insurance companies have their own detectives, police-like and threatening. They have their own hit squads too. The hit squads are called ……. doctors, and their attack animals are the lawyers, protecting their interests.

Lawyers: Why is it that when there is only one lawyer in town there is never enough business, but when there are two lawyers in town there is always too much business? Of course, lawyers bring out the worst in all of us, because they simply reflect what we see in them (varmints, sharks, and worse). What’s worse than a lawyer? A grown up lawyer! Or a politician. Someone who knows the law, bends the law, and sells it off to the highest bidder for private party interests. A politician uses the law, friends, and anything he can to never to go to jail or prison for what he’s done wrong!

Speaking of Jail and Prison: The US Federal and State Prison Systems have become the largest hotel chain in the world. They charge, on average, $30,000 a year per inmate. For their $30,000 they give bad food, bad conditions, lousy mattresses, and abusive treatment. Inmates in certain prisons even live in tents, dungeons, and on concrete slabs. No wonder they develop attitudes that increase the effect of whatever criminal mind or mentality they have. Only 10% of prisoners who are released stay free. So, you’ve got a regenerating prison system to make money on housing for those who are incarcerated for whatever reason. Any reason, poor reasons, made up reasons, here’s one — 24% of all prisoners in US jails and prisons are there for marijuana offenses. Marijuana doesn’t hurt or kill, but alcohol and tobacco do … but there aren’t three-quarters of a million tobacco smokers or alcoholics in prison. Prejudice against Marijuana?

Marijuana/Pot: Once, this medicinal plant was considered a phenomenal treatment for headaches and migraines, nausea from chemotherapy, and pain control, etc. It has now been made illegal, even though it was created by God and the universe for the treatment of pain. In Latin American countries, it is ground up and mixed with either alcohol or cream and massaged into injured places on the body. My grandmother (and probably yours too) smoked one of those marijuana cigarettes bought at the local Pharmacy in the 1920’s for her problems. Even though it’s totally natural, more so than tobacco or alcohol, it’s illegal because the government thinks it should be, instead of going into the business and eliminating government debt on the profits.

Government Debt: In 2000, when William Clinton left office in shame due to Lewinski and her pathetic excuse for a bad girl act, one of the better presidential administrations actually left a surplus in the government budget. That surplus disappeared in the first few months of George W. Bush’s vacation, I mean, presidency. George Bush declared war on Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Iran. War stimulates the economy, but creates debt. It’s expected that the US Government’s debt, when King George the Bush leaves office at the end of this year, will exceed $1,000,000,000,000. ONE TRILLION dollars. The biggest debt ever known by any country at any time in history. And why? Payback for his Dad and Saddam Hussein having bad communication together? Now this Bush formerly appointed dictator to Iraq has has now been assassinated by the Bush team. All of this war was, of course, related to US petroleum appetite. Oil, the disappearing mineral resource.

Petroleum: the US is the greatest consumer of Petroleum in the world. Second only to perhaps China. No longer a major producer of oil for the last 30 years, the US has been buying up all the available oil from anywhere they can get it. They have continued to start war after war to get more oil. Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Iran. Ready for this?? Because the US is so much in debt, the price of oil which is based on the unstable US dollar, continues to rise over $100 per barrel. Why? Because the dollar currency it’s traded in has been aimed into a recession. The economy is also in recession. Talented people are out of work and national sales figures have dropped off by about 10% so far.

Sales Figures are Down: The economy lives and breathes the trust of the US consumers, and their view of the economy is reflected in the international marketplace. When the rest of the world realizes that the US has a declining economy, and the figures verify that fact, no matter what the President does, or the head of the treasury, the world is impacted. Imported goods increase in price severely, and the local produce is more expensive as many countries float their currency based on the US currency. The US currency is not holding its own because the consumers don’t believe in the President, or Congress, or the future.

Belief in the President or Congress: People believe that their country is working for them when gains are made for humans, families, schools, and hospitals. That ended in 2000 and since then everything has changed in the current war economy. Most Americans believe that waging a war over oil is wrong. Those who believe that it is right have issues to deal with before they die and get judged and wind up in Hell, but realism shows that war painfully terminates innocent lives. It gains no victory and only sacrifices the lives of volunteers. We’ve know that since the 1950’s the US hasn’t won a single war. War only demonstrates who’s got the most powerful tools; it’s a show of how big your balls are!

How Big are Your Balls: Well, I’m not going to go exactly there, but there are a multitude of ball games that Americans love. And these games create national heroes. Heroes that make more money per year, sadly, than that the guy with the 95 IQ that’s supposedly running the country. Oh, yes, the current president has a 95 IQ, past cocaine and alcohol addiction, and now uses artificial sweeteners instead of sugar. Everyone knows that artificial sweetener eats holes in your brain! Can you imagine a holey-brained 95 IQ President? That’s what they’ve got and this guy is the protector of the country and the free world.

The Protector of the Free World: That’s a big job and not something to be taken lightly. It includes protecting your own country, and the unspoken mandate to not conspire with others to do damage to your own people. It is also to allow US citizens their natural god given and constitutionally granted rights in their lives. Now, all gone. At the hands of a man, who can’t with every spy satellite in the world, find his arch enemy Bin Laden who was once one of Bushy boys friends and business alliance.Whose family by the way, was whisked away to safety (with presidential approval) when no other planes were flying in the US due to 9/11 and all the airports and flights were shutdown. The government helped the culprit’s family slip away? Or were they just the pawn of more sinister plans? Weren’t the Bin Laden partners with Senior Bush in business? What gives here? And why let the arch enemy’s family get away?

Get Away: US ex-patriates live in countries around the world, remembering the proud country they left. They left for a reason, whether it was financial, or philosophical. Some return for visits, and some never return. What do they find in the third world, that they can’t find in the US? Peace of mind, lower cost of living, a more luxurious life, beautiful views, no political pressure, and no negative influences unless they watch the news. From a distance, the expat’s can see what went wrong with the U.S. although few would talk about it with anyone … because you never know, they could be CIA!

Dr. Jay Polmar


Dr. Jay Polmar, is the founder of Speedread.org, and Speedread America. He’s outspoken and a powerful advocate for freedoms, freedom of speech, freedom of love, freedom of rights. He’s left the US to pursue his writing career, 40 books plus more ghostwritten for others, in a country that has greater freedom and better medical care at 10% the cost.

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