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What’s wrong with smoking marijuana?

What’s wrong with smoking marijuana?

Why is the government and society so against it?

No I don’t smoke, but I have, and I will agree that if it is abused like anything else then it can become a problem. However, smoking marijuana gives you the ability to see the world differently and make you more in-tune with your surroundings.

Some people will argue that how you feel when your “high” isn’t real or imaginary, however I would argue that theory. In my opinion it is a drug whether legal or illegal, therefore it is bound to affect your body in someway, like any other drug.

I’m not advocating for it’s use, because I do know what marijuana abuse can do to your mental health and your life. But overall I don’t see much wrong with it and I’m talking about mentally and psychologically not so much the smoking health affects.

1. I said I don’t smoke marijuana
2. Your taking what I said out of context…. I said marijuana ABUSE can affect your life and mental health.
3. There is no problem with what I said, the reason that it’s not legal is because it would revival Big Tobacco and pharmaceutical companies…. The government let’s us drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes and look what those do to our body mentally and psychically. It’s all about the dollars….. You really think marijuana is banned because they “care” about us??? LOL

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