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When Will The Medical Marijuana Dispensary Wars Begin?

When Will The Medical Marijuana Dispensary Wars Begin?

The Medical Marijuana Dispensary Wars are right around the corner. What will it take for an all out Dispensary War to happen? Three things must occur to really heat things up. The majority of the States must enact Medical Marijuana/decriminalization statues, individual Dispensaries must have a client fall off, and when a Dispensary drops a major V.I.P. strain. Let’s take a look at the first hurdle.

There are only 14-16 States with a Medical Marijuana green light, so that’s not a lot of competition. This November will be critical, especially in California, a pioneer in Cannabis legislation. As Cali goes, so does the rest of the nation. Proposition 19 (Yes), will usher in recreational use, taxed pot, and the comfort zone of Medical Marijuana for all of America.

Out the gate, Dispensaries will be (are) a novelty. Selecting medicinal herb off of a menu, will eventually wear off. On top of that, clients with cards may opt to grow their own Marijuana, to shave a few dollars from their budgets. American homegrown, especially California, is primo herb. Now if a few people- say 5, get together as a co-op, then cultivate 40 mature female Sativas at say conservatively 1.5 pounds per plant, well- that’s serious bud. Not only is that a great cooperative effort, the Dispensary starts to pale, unless they go to great lengths (prices?) to combat co-ops or other Dispensaries.

Finally, all Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, serious Pot Farmers, and underground Botanists, have a V.I.P. strain up their sleeves. Just like bars charge extra for top shelf alcohol, Major Dispensaries will have a V.I.P. strain like Cali9, to woo clients into their business. Everyone has access to Haze, Widow, Jack, Purple, etc., but when you can hang an exclusive sign outside of your establishment, then that’s when the “Dispensary Wars” begin. Dang, I can’t wait!

Joyce embraces the “Cannabis Culture” at Cali9.com

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