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Where can someone go for medical advice on recreational drug use.?

Where can someone go for medical advice on recreational drug use.?

I am a certified pharmacy technician with a large amount of knowledge on prescription medications of all kinds; everything from diabetes care to erectile dysfunction.

I am also an active member of NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws)

Also I believe that there can be a healthy relationship between the many scheduled recreational drugs and today’s society.
The other day at work I was asked if a patients medications would interact with certain psychedelic and narcotic drugs he uses socially and for recreation purposes.
Not knowing myself and my pharmacist not being allowed to answer such questions I consulted our databases and books.

We had nothing on such information. So what I am looking for is a place someone (including myself) can go to get the information necessary to safely use recreational drugs. Most mainstream drugs do not have many interactions of people who did not know the effects of alcohol on alprazolam and other benzo-diazipates. Another interaction we see is ADHD medication like Ritalin and caffeine cause insomnia.

There are thousands of ways drugs can interact negatively and cause severe permanent damage to the user, both medically and recreationaly.

I want to find a place to help responsible recreational drug users and educate them in ways to protect them from the dangers that they may run into.

Does anyone know of such a place. I get a lot of my information from Erowid but I am looking for something that you can talk one on one, detect the problems of abuse and addiction before the damage is done and help those who are already that far in.

Any Ideas?

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