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With any endeavour that one takes on there are always pitfalls that can land you into trouble when it comes to producing the results you desire. If you want to learn how to avoid causing this unnecessary frustration then you’ve come to the right place.

I look around and see so many of my friends growing and harvesting some of the best quality weed I’ve ever experienced. They all tell me the same thing; get the foundations down and the rest will be a piece of cake. So what do they mean by ‘foundations’? I’m going to touch on three key aspects of how to grow weed and the often looked over facts that tie into these FOUNDATIONS which can greatly accelerate your crop whether it’s one plant or many. Armed with the following knowledge you will be ready to take the next step into developing and growing an awe-inspiring canopy of weed.



From little things big things grow, so you better know what to look out for when it comes to the source of our plant; the seed. Your final product will come from approximately 85% of the genetic quality that the seed encapsulates, so what should you look out for? The appearance of a strong, virile seed is paramount.

Any grey, dull and shrivelled seed is a waste of time, instead go for a healthy plump-looking green seedling that appears strong and vibrant in appearance. You may already know people who have strong growing plants that may be able to offer you assistance in obtaining seeds out of their crop. If not, there are other routes you can take such as purchasing seeds via the internet for example.

A nice little experiment to do is to drop a seed on to a hot frying pan. If the seed decides to pop you know the rest of the seeds from that batch are of good quality and you can expect great results. Your seeds need to be germinated to ensure that they will sprout instead of just dropping them in some soil and hoping for the best. For a detailed step-by-step guide on the process of seed germination and further crucial information about choosing the RIGHT seed, keep reading on.



The marijuana plant is one that will thrive if you surround it with the best conditions to do so. Soil that has an abundance of supportive structures will undoubtedly nourish and allow the seeds to naturally flourish and give you exactly what you’re after. With this in mind, top quality soil should be your prime focus after obtaining an excellent standard of seeds. If you get lazy and settle for low quality soil you will pay for it in the long run.

The use of un-sterilized soil will cause you more headaches in the future and will rob you the growth of a good healthy plant from you. Lurking in this un-sterilized soil are parasites that will destroy your chances of an amazing crop before your eyes. If you were to use this detrimental soil, once you found the signs of parasites decaying your plant it would be too late to transplant it into a rich and supportive body of soil. Prevention is ALWAYS better than a cure, so start off strong and it’ll end up strong!



The life giving benefits of water exist all over the world in a myriad of ways. How does water facilitate the needs of our weed and what are some essentials that we all need to know when it comes to relationship of water to an unbelievable growth of marijuana?

First off, it’s necessary to know that water has three elemental functions for our plants: 1) It is a building material in unison with CO2 and light energy; 2) It acts just like a conveyor belt delivering the needed nutrients throughout the whole plant; and 3) Infuses the sturdiness of the plant by filling it up allowing the plant a firm structure.

The quality of water for many of us who live in urban or, at least, urban-influenced locations is subject to chemicals such as chlorine. Over time human beings have learned how to live with and eliminate these chemicals but it will not be the same story for your marijuana plant as it will not have the necessary time to become immune to the powerful effects they can induce.

One piece of advice for eliminating chlorine from your water is to allow the water to stand in an open container for 24 hours.  The evaporation of the chlorine is not the only benefit of this procedure as it will also enable your water to steady itself at room temperature which is ideal for watering. If your water has copious amounts of chlorine there are anti-chlorine products, such as drops, available which can eliminate this problem and get you back on the road to growing some great weed.


So there you go, some key points to get you started in your pursuit to knowing how to grow weed. The right guide can fast-track your progress into a much more smoother and enjoyable experience rather than months of frustration. Detailed explanations on how to identify the right seed, create the best soil ever for weed growing and all the tricks for fuelling your plants with the necessary ingredients.

Goran Robinson is an internet author, lives in Australia and is passionate about sharing honest and reliable information with the rest of the world. He believes that without the proper map of proven strategies you will continually feel like you’re running east looking for a sunset. So give yourself the gift you’ve always been after when it comes to growing weed by checking out Growing Elite Marijuana. This expert guide is a completely groundbreaking and comprehensive must-have to gain a head start over 99% of other people out there wanting to grow weed.

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