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why are people so against marijuana?

why are people so against marijuana?

(re-stating my earlier question)
I was curious and i visited several websites such as www.abovetheinfluence.com, and www.whitehousedrugpolicy.gov. I found that many people try and classify marijuana as a illicit substance that’s crippling all of American youth causing addiction and other negative effects. Its ironic that their “proof” or their main information backing them up is all statistical information, it just goes to show you that they have no conclusive information proving that marijuana is harmful. now yes i know that its a carcinogen because it burns, but keep in mind you can eat it in baked good too. now a good example of a typical marijuana user is me, im high right now. i go to college, have a successful group of friends and am very happy but i use pot on a somewhat regular basis. i just don’t understand why everyone is so damn worked up over a small little plant, if they just sat down and sparked it up they might see how frivolous this whole situation is…

now keep in mind statistics are really not proven ratifiable data, its just collections of generalized data surveyed on only a few people. the person who is making the study can easily skew their results by selective surveying. if you don’t think that it happens then you guys have alot to learn, i could easy make a survey to have the answers i want in completely legitimate ways. and im saying generally speaking weed is not harmful in the way it affects you, myself and most other users are able to live fine while enjoying. some people who are generally weaker-minded in general are the ones who spiral into life ruining drug habits which is what anti pot advocates capitalize on. im not trying to say that everything i believe is whats right and anti-drug lobbyists are all completely wrong, im just wanting to say “hey look theres another side to the whole issue”

and im not really touching on the legalization issue, im just talking about why people have so much support against it when its not such a horrible thing. its all about self control and knowing your priority’s. i know some people that cant manage smoking, their like crack addicts. but should that be a reason for us all to not be able to smoke because some people have no willpower. i know many people that eat entire bags of doughnuts and live harmful dietary lives, does that mean i cannot enjoy an occasional doughnut?

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