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Why do my lungs hurt after smoking?

Why do my lungs hurt after smoking?

Hey everybody really would appreciate help. About 5 or 6 months ago I started smoking. Not often, its been maybe once a month or less. Recently however, its been about a pack every two weeks. Just about a month ago my lungs began to ache. Never too bad, but they did hurt. It’s usually a dull ache in various places throughout my lungs mixed in with some random sharp pains. Why do you think this is? It didn’t use to happen and it’s really scaring me. The first time it took a week to go away. More recently I start to feel it within an hour of smoking and it goes away in (about) 1 to 3 days. I will be having one more Hookah session on new years eve, and then after that I will be completely and forever tobacco free.

A list of everything I have ever smoked:

1 pack of Black and Mild’s.
6-7 packs of cigarettes.
1 20-minute session with a hookah.
10 mini cigars.

So based off of that, you guys think that there’s a serious problem? I would finally have some peace of mind. But if the problem persists after I quit Jan. 1, 2010, then I’ll go see a doctor. For now let me know whatever you can.

Thanks again, happy holidays!
– Brad

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